Hålogaland Teater: Zapffe
Animation, Commercial

This is one for Tromsø's legends.

Peter Wessel Zapffe was a Norwegian metaphysician, author, lawyer and mountaineer. He is often noted for his philosophically pessimistic and fatalistic view of human existence. Zapffe's theory is that humans are born with an overdeveloped skill (understanding, self-knowledge) which does not fit into nature's design. The human craving for justification on matters such as life and death cannot be satisfied, hence humanity has a need that nature cannot satisfy. The tragedy, following this theory, is that humans spend all their time trying not to be human. The human being, therefore, is a paradox.

Hålogaland Teater's iteration of the classic Zapffe story and character in Tromsø was portrayed by Kristian Fr. Figenschow jr. We created a promo that reflected the visual identity of the play whilst still being true to the character Zapffe.